Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh hello there, love!

Welcome to my first fashion blog ever! I have been blogging since I was in middle school about my personal life but I just recently got addicted again to fashion blogging and had this crazy ideas I would love to put up if I have a fashion blog. So after weeks of thinking about it, I finally created one!

What will you, my future readers, be expectecting on my blog? 
There are a couple of things I would love to do here and I made a short list (temporary) on what to expect here:
1. I will be posting my "ootd"s that I normally just post in my Chictopia account here: starsandstitches
2. Every friday, I will choose a blog (of one of my followers) to be featured here. You can always comment on my posts if you want your blog to be featured.
3.  Tutorials! As much as I love reading about fashion tutorials, I would also love to share them to you.

That's probably what, mostly, my blog would be about.
Hope you'll love my new blog!

Sending my online kisses and hugs to you,
♥ M.


  1. Glad you started a fashion blog! It's a lot of fun and teaches you much about yourself. I'm your first follower :)

    xx christine

  2. good luck honey, you'll love it :) x

  3. Blogging is fun Mill..hehehehe

  4. Oh blogging is so addictive.. i tried to stop earlier this year but i couldn't do it! hahah ;-)

    What do i expect?? Maybe the same sort of thing as Chictopia but you could write a bit more? In my blog I usually put up more photos, and just one on Chictopia, and write some more details. :-) It's really up to you though, just go for it! x

  5. Welcome to the fashion blogging world! You will never stop hehe

    Would love to be one of your Friday featured blogs :D

    Hope to read more from you!


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