Wednesday, September 26, 2012

See you soon, Philippines! Hello, Singapore!

It has been almost a month, i think, when I last posted here. I'm sorry about that. I got so busy about getting my license, arranging important papers and documents, meeting up with my best friends and just trying to sink it all in my system that I'm leaving home to go to Singapore and try my luck there.

Yes, I am now living in Singapore with my sister and her boyfriend. Looking for a job! Anyone reading this who lives in SG, you guys might want to help me get one? It would be so kind if you do. :) And plus, I'm also hoping I get to find new friends as well with same interests as mine and maybe hang out sometime! That would be fun!

Anyway, this is what I wore the day I left my fave country in the world, the Philippines. (ehem, nationalistic much? hihi )

I decided to wear something breezy because I knew it would be a sunny day in Singapore. I'm a big, big fan of laces! It just gives me that old, classy, feminine vibe. I got this lace top from Forever 21 for a very cheap price, only P600! Then I paired it with my newest favorite, my floral printed jeans! Don't you think it's very pretty? I was love strucked when I saw this and immediately bought it! Floral prints are really trendy and I think you can style it in so many ways. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood so it's really a must have and an awesome piece to have! 

 Just before I left, I bought a new pair of heels. It's actually a jelly heels (that's what I call it). It's incredibly comfortable compared to other heels. I can wear them for hours and have no blisters at the end of the day! Good stuff huh? I recommend wearing this if you wanna go out and have a long walk or trip outside. It's very stylish and comfy! You'll love it! Got this one from a bazaar, so it's very cheap as well.

Since I'll always be miles apart from my boyfriend, I decided to always wear this personalized "himig" bracelet. So I'd always feel like his there holding my hand wherever I go..

So that's about my outfit that day. What do you think? I would love to know your opinions so hit that comment button dear reader. And btw, thanks a lot for reading my post! Have a great day!

Sending my online hugs and kisses to you,